Benchmarks to go 6:25

What should I be around on workouts to break this. Training on my own

Beach 155 Squt 300 Deadlift 320-330 haven’t done in a bit Times I’ve done Max watts around 900 500 m – 1:25 6k – 1:44. 7-9 ( dnt remember) Steady state is around 1:59 ( I …

Rowing Ireland Offshore launch Clean Coast Initiative

The Official Clean Coasts Launch, was recently held at Ring Rowing Club, Co.Cork. Present were: Rowing Ireland Offshore Vice Chair Margaurite Deasy, Clean Coasts Manager Sinead McCoy. Ring Rowing Club Chairperson Sharon Hurley, Committee and members.

Clean Coasts engages communities and organisations in the protection of Ireland’s beaches, seas and …

Cross Training?

Our racing season just finished, besides internationals compos in the new few weeks, but wondering what swimming/cycling workouts will best help build a strong aerobic base before I head back into winter training in September.

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Increasing ss volume

So let’s say that I Train with a competitive team and we do 80k /week of hard mileage, If I wanted to throw something like an extra 40 k in of true Ss, what should I do to not burnout?

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What is your avg HR during a rowing workout?

I got a rowing machine a few weeks ago, and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve been able to push myself to sustain a >90% Max heart rate during a 30 minute row.

I just read an article saying too not exceed 85% mhr during excersie and just want to confirm …