LIVE TODAY: Martin Cross Interviews Olivia Coffey

It’ll be live streamed on our Youtube Channel at 1600 BST, 1100 EST & 1700 CET as well as on our facebook page.

As if being a double World Champion representing the U.S. isn’t impressive enough, Olivia won the boat race for Cambridge alongside completing a one year MBA! It …

1000m PB - 2:50.6, 8 seconds faster than 3 months ago

6ft, 215

I don’t have as much to say about this as my recent 2k, but I did want to share it. I got back into erging a few months back, and hit a 1k during the Concept2 spring sprints… I got 2:58.5, and that was without too …

Question about used concept 2 D pricing

Hi folks,

I’m talking to a guy on offer up about purchasing his used concept 2 D rower. He claims it’s good as new, but is asking $1200. A brand new one looks to run $945 (with shipping) from Rogue’s website. Given that, what should a used one run? Would …