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Novice looking for help

I have from now until late August to reach sub 6:45…is this feasible?

I play another sport right now, hockey, so I feel like I’m in pretty good shape to start out with (practice and lifting weights etc)…Two weeks ago I erg’d for the first time ever and got an …

Recovery and Overtraining


I’m 17M/160lbs/6’1/7:00 2k for reference.

I’ve recently been following a modified version of the Wolverine plan for summer training with the goal of dropping my 2k about 10-15 seconds by September. For those who don’t know, the plan includes a good amount of “hard” steady state, with …

Volunteer Of The Month – June – Entries Now Open

Our clubs and organisation rely on volunteers without them we would be lost.

Do you have someone special that you want to celebrate in your club for the work that they do?

If so send us your story. We are looking to showcase a volunteer of the month every month.…