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More biomechanics

Since this community was so helpful last time I have another question for my research.

What commercially available tech is there to measure and feed back on boat orientation? Ie. Pitch, yaw and / or roll.

If this isn’t an appropriate place to ask let me know.

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Just done first proper 2k (7:15), any advice? (with video)

Video here:

Been rowing semi seriously on and off over the past year. 27 years old, 181cm, 77kg. Come from a track and swimming background. My only previous 2k was 9:13 when I was messing around in the gym around a year and a half ago but I don’t …

Success Sunday - February 23, 2020

Welcome to the weekly /r/Rowing achievement thread!

What was your achievement this week? It could be anything! A new 2k PB? Get a good lift at the gym? Or even your first time capsizing a single!

This thread is likely to fill up quickly, consider sorting the comments by “new” …

Butt moving back and forth on Erg

Whenever I Erg my butt keeps on moving back and forth when I go to the catch and come back to the finish. I can feel my skin moving back and forth as well. How do I fix this? Is this bad posture? Anyone every had this before or got …

Faster rowing with biceps?

Just for fun I tried rowing with my biceps (hands under the handle as opposed to over) and it turns out I’m faster that way. My power curve was also way better. I don’t think this would be sustainable over long pieces, but my 500 was several spits quicker.

I …