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The 'Perfect Moment'

Today, I had the ‘perfect moment’ while rowing.

(This is a hyper-nerd reference to the movie ‘Star Trek: Insurrection,’ when Picard experiences a moment where time appears to slow, and he sees the world clearly for the first time. I apologize for making this subreddit less cool.)

I have been …

Heel blisters

I’m new to rowing and this sub so please take it easy on me lol. I have watched numerous form/technique videos to prepare for rowing and I think I’m doing well overall. But I have these killer blisters on my heels. I read that it’s heavily debated whether the heel …

Low Energy

So when I row a 2k I find myself getting completely gassed out after the first 200 meters. I row at like a 1:35 pace at like 35 spm and then after that I just collapse. It’s like I have no energy left after the start. My 2k is a …

When it's raining

It was raining outside so our coach decided to let us row on the erg… It was a long long long training

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Weird session?

My goal is 6:20 2k this year, I’m at 6:39 now.

Do you think a piece where you just go out at 1:35 and just hold on for dear life as long as you can could be a way to do it? I would do regular sessions mostly. But can …