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Cutting before winter workouts or no?

So I’m hitting the gym to prepare for the next season to hopefully make the 1V boat, I am 16, 6’2, and 172 pounds. I have about 5 months until our workouts of cardio and erging start In mid-November, so my question is if I should just bulk up until …

Erg maintenance question

I’ve had my Model D for a little over 5 years now. I routinely clean it and never had any issues with it until a couple of months ago. Whenever I am about to press off the footboard, there is this loud popping/noise. It is very aggravating to constantly hear …

Supreme Court Ruling and Rowing?

Wondering how people think the new ruling may or may not effect collegiate rowing at every level.


EDIT: Thank you for responses and messages. I had the broad strokes but none of the specifics. Still curious how this will all shake out after a few years… I imagine it …

budget rowing machines?

Hello I was wondering if anyone can suggest any budget rowing machines. I want to get a Concept but its too expensive. Are there any budget brands or any cheaper rowing machines you would suggest?

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what should I get?

I am 5 10″ 169lbs M15, and I have been thinking and I want to get some sunglasses, everybody is telling me that I should get Oakleys and that they are great. But I think it is like when you have friends that are parents and they tell you that …