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Newbie question: progressive overload?

In strength training, progressive overload is a standard technique. Everybody argues about the details, but the gist is always you should be increasing the difficulty of your workouts in small steps to keep making progress.

How does that apply to rowing? Most of the workouts I see are all based …

Rowing machine - home made computer

Hi All,

I’ve recently bought a cheap rowing machine, and although the machine itself seems fine, the computer that comes with it is a bit crappy! For example, it often records two strokes when it should record one, and the speed comes out at about 4kmph when I am …

Technique Critique

Purchased a Concept 2 towards the end of January; and then immediately got sent on a week long work trip. /sigh

It did give me plenty of time to watch Dark Horse Training and Training Tall videos on YouTube as recommended by a friend.

To start, I’m aiming for 30 …