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Novice looking for help

I have from now until late August to reach sub 6:45…is this feasible?

I play another sport right now, hockey, so I feel like I’m in pretty good shape to start out with (practice and lifting weights etc)…Two weeks ago I erg’d for the first time ever and got an …

Recovery and Overtraining


I’m 17M/160lbs/6’1/7:00 2k for reference.

I’ve recently been following a modified version of the Wolverine plan for summer training with the goal of dropping my 2k about 10-15 seconds by September. For those who don’t know, the plan includes a good amount of “hard” steady state, with …

Coaches and athletes, I want to hear from you

Hey guys. Let me introduce myself. My name is Peter, I was a full-time rower in the past, currently mostly planning and developing software solutions. We have an idea with a machine learning training planning solution, but before we start, we would like to know a few things about your …