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Where I row Wednesday - April 2020

Welcome to /r/Rowing’s monthly “Where I row Wednesday.”

On the first Wednesday of every month we want to see where you row. Whether it’s river, sea, or sweaty erg room it doesn’t matter. Show us where you put in the metres!

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Can row but can’t run?

Due to Corona I don’t have an access to an erg so have been running to try and maintain fitness. I can comfortably erg and row for an hour plus but I am struggling to run for more than 15mins. Does anyone else experience this or have any advice to …

No motivation

Since the season ended and youths are canceled, what’re you using as motivation right now? Personally I can’t find any reason to workout. I just can’t bring myself to it. I know I need to, but with nothing to work towards, it is extremely difficult. Would love some help to …