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2K with no prep

Lots of people have been doing 2K’s around me. Makes me want to do one to see where I’m at. Haven’t done any prep work or high rate stuff recently, if I do one tomorrow will I die?

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Beginner on an erg - some questions

I tried the erg for the first time after watching some technique videos (Concept 2 videos mainly). I set the erg to the resistance that generated a drag factor of 120. I ended up rowing for 30 min at 3 min/500m pace, at around 20 strokes per minute.

I looked …

How bad is my endurance?

So I started rowing for my college rowing boatclub in one of the novice boats this term, and for the most part we were focusing on technique and short intervals in the erg. Now we have started doing ergs more regularly, and I can feel that my endurance is shit; …

Embracing the Pain Cave

Normally don’t ask reddit for advice that often, but I’ve come to a major plateau in training that I can’t seem to get through. I have no problem steady stating for hours on end, or doing Power Workouts (20×10″ on 1′ off, or weightlifting). These are easy to me, and …

Am I training at the right intensity?

At the moment I’m feeling really exhausted during/after each of my training sessions, I’m wondering if I’m doing them at the wrong.

Here is my erg program Tuesday: 2x6k at UT1 5 minute rest Wednesday: 10×1.5k at r20 AT 3 minute rest Thursday: 2x6k at UT1 5 minute rest Rest …

Cheap Rowing Machine in Canada?

Hi there,

I’m hoping to get a reply that isn’t “just get a Concept2” rower as every thread I read keeps convincing people to buy a $1200 rowing machine when their budget is $200-300.

I get it. They are the best. I should save up. Blah blah blah.

Totally get …