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Help me spend money, what super heavyweight 1x for me?

62 going on 40, 6’ 9” 238#.

Athletic, motivated and would like to compete.

About 25 days in a boat in my life total.

Currently rowing (poorly) a 2007 WinTech International with side riggers. Boat could use a makeover and I am considering selling and moving to a different boat.…

How does the horn work at the end of a race?

Is the horn at the end of a race automatic or does some guy in the finish tower have to press a button? It seems like it would be automatic but wouldn’t it detect birds flying through then? Also, is the finishing time dictated by the horn or is there …

How do I learn to row for little or no cost?

Rowing seems like a super cool sport and I am wondering the best way to get into it without breaking the bank. I am a 20 year old, 6’7″ 210 lb somewhat fit guy. I’ve used the rowing machine at my gym whenever I’ve gone there for the past 2 …

Most efficient way to select for 1 boat

Hello ,

I’m looking for the most efficient way to select for a coxed quad , we only have that one sculling boat so all I can think of is TT but I’d have 8-10 kids racing for seats . How do I make it fair and transparent .

submitted …

Fall Training Plan for Winter 2k Grind

Hey everyone

M16, 73kg, 5′ 10″

2k: 6:40

I am looking to improve my fall training plan, which currently consists of UT2 workouts, ranging from 15k – 3x25min, 5 times a week. 6 on water sessions a week, mainly long 16ks, with some 3x3k or 2x6k pieces. I haven’t begun …

I love indoor rowing

I am middle aged. Raced road bicycles when I was young. Did a lot of running in the Army. Now that I got skin cancer I am staying indoors. Joined a gym a couple weeks ago. I LOVE indoor rowing. I put it on a low setting and keep my …

Worried my new rowing club will be cliquey


So I’m moving to France for a year because I got a job there and when I was researching I noticed they had a rowing club and I’ve decided I’m going to take up rowing again as a sport during my time abroad. What I’m a bit worried about …