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Returning to rowing after back surgery. Advice needed.

I recently had a microdiscectomy(surgery for a herniated disc) late January after being in pain for 8 months after a deadlift injury in the offseason. I had been rowing competitively for 3 years at that point and basically watched everything I worked for go to dust. I plan on trying …

How to fix washing out issues

I am a 6’6” collegiate rower with long arms, rowing with a boat average of 6’3”. I have had an on going issues with washing out through the drive and finish and haven’t been able to pinpoint a technical change to prevent this. I have played around with rigger spacers …

“Worth it” to start rowing competitively junior year?

I’d like to preface by saying I’m not merely doing for this college; I have a genuine interest in rowing and will be starting regardless. My local club offers two spring programs: 3x weekly recreational and 5x weekly JV/Varsity. Should I just stick to recreational, or would it be worth …

ID Camps - what do they do?

Going to an ID camp this coming Sunday and was wondering what goes down. It’s my first one, and was wondering what the layout of the day is/what the expectations are? Any good approaches for the day? Any info helps. Thanks!

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Getting back on the wagon

So a little background-

College lightweight rower, was getting close to sub 6:30 before getting injured back in November and was just cleared to train/row again. Lost pretty much all fitness and gained some weight in the process.

Question: How should I train-volume, intensity, etc to get back into where …

Under Rate for 2k

Hey all,

I rowed a 2k recently, but after the 1k my rate tanked from a 32 to a 28. Although I still managed to PR, 28 is not ideal and I was wondering how I should train to be able to hit a consistent 32. I’m 165lbs 6’1 7:19 …

New to rowing - whats a good rowing workout?

I’ve been interested in rowing for a while, but I have zero maritime skills and living in NYC, don’t know what kind of access I have to actual water. Either way I felt it best to start on the Concept II at my gym.

I come from a strong cycling …