Rowing with an injured rotator cuff?

About a week ago I started to notice a small pain in my rotator cuff area while I was erging, and my trainer told me to take a break from rowing and to try different cardio workouts for the week. But now that its summer vacation I have to bring …

Record Entry for Cork Regatta

The Leander Trophy, donated to Cork Regatta Committee by the Leander Club in 1904.

Cork Regatta is one of the most established regattas in Ireland. This year there are in excess of 850 crews from Junior 14 to Senior level competing in what is the the biggest event outside of …

Getting Back after 2wk Break

Heyo, I recently just took about a two week break from rowing. I got pretty burnt out after spring, so I decided to let my back and body recover. What’s the best way to get back into the swing of things? What workouts?

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