Cutting before winter workouts or no?

So I’m hitting the gym to prepare for the next season to hopefully make the 1V boat, I am 16, 6’2, and 172 pounds. I have about 5 months until our workouts of cardio and erging start In mid-November, so my question is if I should just bulk up until …

Erg maintenance question

I’ve had my Model D for a little over 5 years now. I routinely clean it and never had any issues with it until a couple of months ago. Whenever I am about to press off the footboard, there is this loud popping/noise. It is very aggravating to constantly hear …

Busy Olderfleet Rowing Club Gets Teens Out on the Water at Larne

The only similarity between the Viking ships that raided Larne Lough in the ninth century and the boats used by the Olderfleet Rowing Club is that they … …read more

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Supreme Court Ruling and Rowing?

Wondering how people think the new ruling may or may not effect collegiate rowing at every level.


EDIT: Thank you for responses and messages. I had the broad strokes but none of the specifics. Still curious how this will all shake out after a few years… I imagine it …

budget rowing machines?

Hello I was wondering if anyone can suggest any budget rowing machines. I want to get a Concept but its too expensive. Are there any budget brands or any cheaper rowing machines you would suggest?

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what should I get?

I am 5 10″ 169lbs M15, and I have been thinking and I want to get some sunglasses, everybody is telling me that I should get Oakleys and that they are great. But I think it is like when you have friends that are parents and they tell you that …