Newbie question: progressive overload?

In strength training, progressive overload is a standard technique. Everybody argues about the details, but the gist is always you should be increasing the difficulty of your workouts in small steps to keep making progress.

How does that apply to rowing? Most of the workouts I see are all based …

U23/Junior Selection Process 2019 – Update

U23/Junior Selection Process 2019 – Update

Following the February HP Trials invitations will be issued for the U23/Junior camp scheduled for March 16th-18th.

Day 1 of this camp will include a 2k ERG assessment, previously scheduled for April. This camp will be used for the formation and testing of crews …

Rowing machine - home made computer

Hi All,

I’ve recently bought a cheap rowing machine, and although the machine itself seems fine, the computer that comes with it is a bit crappy! For example, it often records two strokes when it should record one, and the speed comes out at about 4kmph when I am …