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No motivation

Since the season ended and youths are canceled, what’re you using as motivation right now? Personally I can’t find any reason to workout. I just can’t bring myself to it. I know I need to, but with nothing to work towards, it is extremely difficult. Would love some help to …

Who were the GB selected boats for Tokyo?

In this blog post Oli Cook says that the 4- was selected and the same as last year:

Any idea what the other lineups were?

Given Mo wasn’t in the line-up presumably the 4 wasn’t the top boat?

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Rowing Ireland Nutritional Tip – 31/03/20

What is Fat?

The term fat covers three main types of naturally occurring fatty acids:


Considered unhealthy fats – found in milk, cream, butter and cheese, meats, and coconut oil. They are also found in processed foods such as pies, biscuits, cakes and pastries. You don’t need to exclude …

Rowing Ireland Draft Plan for September Championships

The Irish rowing season has been suspended, but a contingency plan is being prepared for an Irish Championships in September. The Championship … …read more

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problem with acid reflux

I’m starting to experience acid reflex issues after my rowing workout. Sometime during if I had eaten too close to workout. Is this common or related to poor form?

Backstory: got into rowing about 3 months ago. I have been enjoying the exercise.

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Ireland's World Rowing Champion Sanita Pušpure is 'Cork Person of the Month'

Single scull rowing world champion, Sanita was also recently chosen as the Irish Times / Sport Ireland’s Sports Woman of the Year, beating other world … …read more

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