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Technique Critique

Purchased a Concept 2 towards the end of January; and then immediately got sent on a week long work trip. /sigh

It did give me plenty of time to watch Dark Horse Training and Training Tall videos on YouTube as recommended by a friend.

To start, I’m aiming for 30 …

Cheaper alternative to NK Interval 2000?

I coach a group of rowers. Sometimes I want to measure their stroke rate. I know the NK Interval 2000 can do this, but that’s a $150 device brand-new, and there’s basically no used market for it. Does anyone know of a cheaper device that can do this? I don’t …

Workouts to improve 2k

I am looking to better my 2k for ontario’s in 2 weeks and need help looking for some more workouts. I do quite a bit of steady state and 20’ pieces (20+ k per day) but i feel i should do something different some days. I am a 16 year …

help ;)

so our coach told us that he is putting a j16 four together for trials for gb v france in the summer.

there are 3 people who are definetally in that four,

it is essentially me vs one other guy for the bow seat.

the other guy is waaay bigger …