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College Visit Experience

I’m going on my first official visit soon and I’m pretty excited but want to know more about what I’m getting into. Any fun stories or even horror stories? Little Advice on what to do or not do?

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Ergo times for 14 year boys

Hi all we are a new family to rowing our 14 year old son was been training with the school rowing team for about 8 weeks now.

We wanted to find out if 1. a 2k ergo time of 7.02 is average or good 2 4 min 30 sec ish …

Temple Lights Recruiting

Does anyone know how to get into contact with the lightweight coach at Temple? I emailed Coach Perkins (the heavyweight coach) with my stats a month ago, but he did not respond.

FYI I have been accepted into Temple and their honors college. My grades and test scores are definitely …

Erg Tracking Web App -

We noticed you all have a team on the concept2 logbook. We figured you may be looking for other options that allow you to analyze progress over time and view other reddit member scores and workouts. We created a “reddit team” on and you can go here to register: …

Fractured Toe Help

I fractured my toe the other night and the docs told me it’ll take 4-6 weeks to heal. I am very afraid of losing so much progress I’ve already made into winter conditioning, does anyone have any advice or tips on a workout regime with such an injury. Don’t know …