New to rowing, but I love it!

Hi everyone! I live in Alaska, where exercise in the winter can be…difficult. Indoor rowing is an option that is available to me through my job, thankfully. I’ve been rowing a few weeks now, but consistently only about the past week. I’m 5’10” male, 28y/o, with average strength. Currently, these are my best times, with my average workout being about 6500m in 30 minutes:

8:01 2k with 2:00.5/500m

1:35/500 best 500m

1:39:02 half marathon with 2:20.8/500m (I’ve done two, first was two days before, and was 11 minutes slower, with 16 seconds extra per 500m).

I know it’s slower than …read more

Via:: Reddit Rowing

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