Could you guys take a look at my summer erg training plan?

7 day rotation

2×30 hard SS (rate 20, 2k+ 16, 7 mins rest ) 2×30 hard SS 4x2k or 3×10 (full press, rate caps) 2×30 hard SS 2×30 hard SS 4x1k or 8×500 or 2k test (all at 2k goal) Rest

I’m a high school junior, trying to push from the high 6:30s to the mid 6:20s over the summer. I’ve rowed for 3 years, and over spring season I’ve been rowing 30-40k on top of 7 on the water practices every week.

Does this training plan look like it will work? Any feedback on the …read more

Via:: Reddit Rowing

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