Anyone have experience with juggling a LOT of lifting with rowing?

A little background: I’m 17, male, been rowing for 4 years in HS, lifting intermittently and casually for the last 4 years as well. Over summer, I decided to get fast and strong (lifting for overall strength as well as rowing-specific strength), so I started lifting 6x/wk as well as doing a decent amount of steady state.

Here are my lifts right now:

Bench: 175×3 (never tested max)

Squat: 305×3 (never tested max)

Deadlift: 370×3 (never tested max)

I haven’t 2Ked in a while, but I’d guess that I’m anywhere from 6:59 to 6:55. (Last 2K was 7:04).

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Via:: Reddit Rowing

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