1500m test

I have a 1500m erg test tomorrow. I have never been tested for this piece before. How should my strategy for this differ from my 2k strategy?

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Feet hurt while rowing

Hi everyone,

I am currently dealing with a really annoying issue, which is that my feet hurt when I row in the boat.

If you refer to this image, from what I can tell it should be the tendinous sheath of tabialis anterior (when you pivot your foot in the …

New to rowing, gimme some tips?

I’ve just started working out regularly, 4 days a week, and like most good workouts, you need to finish with some cardio. I’ve found I really love the rowing machine so naturally I looked this sub up.

I’ve found some great information already but I would love it if some …

Top New Ross rowers scoop up awards

The following are the winners: Junior Captains 2015, Laura Brown and Sean O’Neill; Queen of the Hill, Faye Pendergast; Most Improved Rower, … …read more

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"Waking up" aerobic systems after hiatus

I stopped rowing in September and since have been occasionally training, not to the calibre I was once at. Recently I have been getting back into the sport and intensity but am finding that my performance is not where it used to be. What is the safest and most efficient …