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Weight training for the winter

With the final races for the fall season done with for me I’m planning to hit the weights hard for the winter off-season. Does anybody have a plan/set of workouts at the gym that you like to do for specifically gaining muscle mass and weight? (specific to rowing)

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Weight conundrum - please help

Background: My problem is weather or not to maintain my lightweight status for the rest of highschool. I’m male, 17y/o, 6′, high school senior and 145 pounds. My main events are the lightweight coxed 4, the openweight quad/4x, and the lighweight 2x. Of these events I have a shot at …

Success Sunday - November 16, 2014

Welcome to the weekly /r/Rowing achievement thread!

What was your achievement this week? It could be anything! A new 2k PB? Get a good lift at the gym? Or even your first time capsizing a single!

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