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Success Sunday - November 16, 2014

Welcome to the weekly /r/Rowing achievement thread!

What was your achievement this week? It could be anything! A new 2k PB? Get a good lift at the gym? Or even your first time capsizing a single!

This thread is likely to fill up quickly, consider sorting the comments by “new” …

Gloves for the gym?

So I’m a new rower, and my palms have blisters on them because of the erg. I’ve been thinking of buying gloves to fix that. Does anyone else use gloves? What gloves do you guys recommend?

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Working out while sick

I’ve been coming down with a cold, and was wondering what everyone does when they get sick. Just the normal cough, runny nose, sore throat, and tiredness. No fever, and I can still do workouts, it’s just more unpleasant than normal. I was thinking about just cutting back a little …

Doubles vs Pairs, for new rowers?

What things need to be taken in to consideration when rowing pairs, and what do the race times look like compared to doubles? I’ve just started again after years off the water, and I have a new rower wanting to double with me. I found out he is left handed …

Blind SS

So the past couple of SS workouts of done blind. Meaning I taped over the splits and set the monitor to power curve. I use a heart rate monitor for all of my workouts and so followed my usual heart rate progression without splits for these blind workouts. The result, …

Cox Box trouble

I have a race tmr and my coxbox is playing up, does anyone know any tricks? I have taken my CoxBox home to charge before the race (as usual). I plug it in and it says 46% battery, 5 mins later it’s at 100%, so I switched it on and …