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Possible rib injury?

I went to a core/strength fitness class on Thursday and we stretched our obliques, which I usually don’t do, but I didn’t think too much of it. On Friday my right rib area was kind of sore/uncomfortable, but I didn’t think too much of it. I did a 3x20min erg …

Rowing Jackets

Hey. A few guys from my team are thinking of getting the Dare Goretex jacket from boathouse but one of the coaches suggested we get jl jackets cause they’re cheaper. Are JLs jackets comparable to goretex in terms of water proofness, breathability, etc?


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Eating too much after practice?

I practice all week 2 times a day except sat and sunday. Somedays we practice on sunday if needed to prepare for a race. After both practices I get so hungry that I eat like a truck. Anyone have this habbit also? Just last week I ate two foot long …

Erg not working

Hey so my Concept 2 PM3 erg batteries died the other day, but when I switched them with new batteries the erg still wouldn’t work. Any ideas of why or how I could fix it?

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Forearm Tendinitis

Hey everyone, looking for some injury advice

I’m going into university soon, and I want to row on the high development team SO badly.

Although, during spring last year I started to feel a strain in my left forearm while rowing. I was rowing twice a day for several weeks, …