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GoPro settings?

2 questions: What mode do you recommend setting a GoPro camera to for filming an 8+ and a 4x…(1080p)? And, in an 8+ does a coxswain headband do the job, or do I need some kind of mount on the stern deck? Thanks!

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Rowing Technique Question

Im in my second year of rowing, and as a novice the novice coach always told us to pull our oars in low. This year, my new coach tells us to pull our oars in high. Of course, everyone says your shoulders should be relaed, and thats where my problem …

Clearing a chest infection and training?

Hey guys, so about 2 weeks ago I got a sore throat and started feeling a bit off. But it was ‘above the neck’ so I kept training. The over a weekend I started to cough an awful lot and got quite wheezy. That lasted for a week. Then I …