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Heart rate problem

I’m am exrower who is trying to get back into cardio, I am still young. However when I steady state, which all I have been doing, I find that I gain such fatigue especially a heavy chest making erging very difficult. At first I could barley pull 500m without feeling …

Best book to learn rowing technique?

I’m looking for a book that explains and/or describes why making certain changes will make the boat go faster. I feel like without some scientific base it’s hard to mentally justify rowing one way over another and it’s really hard to compare the advice of different coaches that can occasionally …

Concept 2 Weight Adjustment Calculator

I was wondering how the dynamics of the weight adjustment calculator works on concept 2’s web page. Is a higher weight adjustment number better? Is a lower adjusted time better? I have no idea. Can someone explain to me how you can use these numbers?

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okay seriously guys my club can’t possibly be the only one that calls taking backsplash to the face a cumshot.

i know theres more

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Convince to me keep rowing

Hi I’m a sophomore in highschool. I did my first season in the fall and am now doing winter training for the spring. Although I am deciding whether or not I want to do the spring season. I feel like the coaches don’t support me, the erging sucks, my team …