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Training Mask?

Anyone have any experience using the Training Mask or other similar product (i.e., altitude simulation mask)? Would appreciate product reviews from this group.

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Boat measurements resource?

I was wondering if there was a website that showed pitch/oar length/collar length/etc. for various types of boats, if anyone has one that would be great. If you don’t have a website but just know what a 4+ should be that would also be great!


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Regain motivation for a race

I’m a lightweight rower in my freshmen’s year. At the start of the year I was very motivated to row 6x a week and have a race every second weekend. But since a few weeks, I have trouble to become motivated and look forward to a race. I just hate …

Experienced rower doing HIIT on the erg week 4

Hello everyone, as the title says, I have just finished my third week of HIIT erging. I rowed 4 years in high school and have been rowing on my own mostly now (24 years old). I lift 3 days a week and row the other 3 on HIIT recently. I …

Gifts for rowing coaches

Hey r/rowing! Since it’s the end of the year, a few kids on my team have been trying to come up with useful and rowing-related gifts for our three coaches but we’ve kind of hit a dead end. If there are any current or former coaches out there, please feel …

Coxswain Weight

How much does a coxswain’s weight actually negatively effect boat speed? Obviously the boat will be harder to lift from a dead stop, it will ride deeper in the water at speed, causing greater surface area therefore greater drag. However at the same time, it will give the boat more …

good summer rowing camps

I’m currently finishing up my first year rowing in college (and ever). I want to improve a lot over the summer so as I transition into the varsity level, I can keep up with rowers who have been rowing since high school. Any suggestions?

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