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Polar FT1 w/ concept 2 without watch/wristband

I lost the watch part of the FT1 (I still have the chest strap)

In short my question is if it’s possible to turn the strap on without the watch if I buy a Polar receiver from concept 2? In other words will I be able to see my HR …

Camp Bob Cooper Review?

Hi guys, my team has decided to go to camp bob cooper at Clemson this year for our annual spring training trip. Has anyone been there and have any opinions about it? This is the first year our team will be with other teams and i am wondering how it …

Earphones help

Does anybody have/know of a decent set of wireless/bluetooth earphones that they would recommend? My last set of wired earphones broke, and I hate wearing an armband for erging so am looking at getting bluetooth ones.

EDIT: I’m a student, so can’t afford jaybirds etc.

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Can't breath

All of the sudden I find myself out of breath while erging. Even steady state pieces. I used to be able to get into a rhythm like when I run or swim. Is there something I can do to fix this?

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Irish Indoor Rowing Championships 2015

The 2015 Irish Indoor Rowing Championships (IIRC) will take place on Saturday 24th January in the UL Arena, Limerick.

Registration closes on Wednesday 14th January and you can register here.

The list of events to be held on the day are available here, with 2000m, 1000m & 500m individual races, …

Sponsorship Opportunities

We were fortunate to secure Sports Capital Grant funding in 2014 and several new boats for 2015 & 2016 international competitions have been ordered.

The naming rights to these boats are available to interested parties.

These boats will receive significant international exposure at World Cup & World Championship events, interested …