October Trials Results

Lightweight & Heavyweight Men’s Pairs Time Trial

Lightweight & Heavyweight Men’s Pairs Final A

Lightweight & Heavyweight Men’s Pairs Final B

Lightweight & Heavyweight Men’s Pairs Final C

Lightweight Men’s Singles Time Trial

Lightweight Men’s Singles Final A

Lightweight Men’s Singles Final B

Lightweight Men’s Singles Final C

Heavyweight Men’s …

Slippage at the catch

Hey guys, Recently with my rowing my coach has pointed out that as I come to the catch and place my blade my seat is slipping out from underneath me a bit. This actions is making my legs be at 3 quarter slide when the drive phase begins. This causes …

Head of the Occoquan

Ill be coxing my first race in a novice 8 at the occoquan next saturday. Is there anything about this river that is particularly treacherous or any hazards or unique quirks about this river. For reference I cox on a very well protected watershed so currents and wind interference isnt …

Way out of my depth

I’m an incredibly novice cox. Like my first day out on the water was Tuesday and I knew nothing about rowing before this week, didn’t even have much of an interest. This is a college club team and I joined mostly out of curiosity since someone told me id probably …

Trouble with rowing illustrated

I can’t seem to get an account on rowing illustrated. Every time I sign up, it says the admins have to approve me, and I never get an confirmation that I’ve been approved. Is there still someone admining this site? Is it even possible to get an account?

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