Help interpreting the Pete Plan?

Hi, r/rowing, I just joined a gym and wanted to get into rowing. A quick google search took me to the Pete Plan, but I can’t seem to understand what it means.

Week 1 is:


6 x 500m / 2min rest



[2 x 10min / 2min rest]…

Winter training plans?

I’m a hs rower who is conditioned for intensive training. I want to change up my training program and was wondering what people consider to be an optimal number of meters to row per week and how many days a week I should incorporate SS, HIIT, weights, and/or running. If …

TY Students Trained As Rowing Coaches

After many months of preparation the Get Rowing with TY Pilot Programme started in Carlow during October. Thirty-five transition year students were trained by Rowing Ireland’s Coach Education Officer Pat McInerney in coaching skills, with an emphasis on indoor rowing.

Carlow Regional Youth Services (CRYS), headed up by Carlow Rowing …

Athletes complete biomechanics testing

Dr Valery Kleshnev, the Russian-born biomechanics expert, visited Rowing Ireland last weekend to do some testing on Rowing Ireland’s High Performance athletes. He spent two days using his BioRow system on various boats and showed the athletes their symmetry, timing, force curve and various other bits of information.

Lead Coach …

Racing stroke rates

I have often wondered what stroke races are used in both sprint races and head races.

On our 2k sprint races my HS novice team never settled above a 32 Now as a varsity rower our our base rate on a 2k is 36. and a 34 on our head …

Elite rowing styles

To what extent is the “Australian” philosophy being implemented at the elite level? It’s explained in this video. I know youth teams like Sarasota Crew and St. Joes are now teaching it, and haven’t heard of any specific colleges practicing it. Drew Ginn talks about it’s popularity at the …