Is this a good 30-minute score?

Hi /r/rowing,

This is my first year rowing as a novice. I’m 15 and I’m in 10th grade in American school. I’m about 5’9-5’10 and I weigh around 140 pounds.

My crew did a 30-minute piece today and I got a 2:10 split time with an average rate of 24-26. …

Starting double two

So i just got asked to team up with someone to start training in a 2 double. And as a first year rower (with talent so I’m told) i don’t know what to expect. Any tips? I don’t know many of the correct english terms, so sorry for my writing.…

Multiple heart-rate monitors read by one smartphone

Hi all,

We’ve had the idea of monitoring the heart rate of all rowers in an eight using a single Galaxy S5 (which supports ANT+ and Bluetooth smart HR monitors).

Does anyone know of software that lets you see the heart rate of more than one monitor at a time? …