Way out of my depth

I’m an incredibly novice cox. Like my first day out on the water was Tuesday and I knew nothing about rowing before this week, didn’t even have much of an interest. This is a college club team and I joined mostly out of curiosity since someone told me id probably …

Trouble with rowing illustrated

I can’t seem to get an account on rowing illustrated. Every time I sign up, it says the admins have to approve me, and I never get an confirmation that I’ve been approved. Is there still someone admining this site? Is it even possible to get an account?

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New lightweight standard at Head of the Colorado?

Just looked at the rules of 2014 for weigh-in times and it says that the women’s lightweight standard is 130lb. This is weird because I thought it was sort of universal that fall LW was 135.

Last year’s 2013 packet says 135, so is this a recent change? Is it …

Occoquan Chase

Me and my boat are having our first race on November 2nd in Occoquan, Virginia. Any tips on how we can get the best time we can? It’s a 5-5.5k race, and we did our 5k erg tests today.

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Entry Lists for Trials

Lightweight Women’s Singles

Lightweight Men’s Singles

Heavyweight Women’s Singles

Heavyweight Men’s Singles

Men’s Lightweight and Heavyweight Pairs

If any issues with these, please contact Head Coach Don McLachlan – don.mclachlan@rowingireland.ie

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