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Welcome to rowing! It’s November and a lot of you are beginning to spend some time on the erg which eventually raises the question on reddit: “is my split good?”. Understand that that is an open ended question and at best you will receive an open ended answer. Chances are …


Recently moved to the Houston area after rowing for 2 years, any clubs or suggestions anyone has? Because I don’t see much rowing down here.

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Success Sunday - November 09, 2014

Welcome to the weekly /r/Rowing achievement thread!

What was your achievement this week? It could be anything! A new 2k PB? Get a good lift at the gym? Or even your first time capsizing a single!

This thread is likely to fill up quickly, consider sorting the comments by “new” …

Concept 200,000 meter challenge

Isnt there some challenge where you row 200,000 meters in between thanksgiving and christmas? My coach said something about it and more importantly said something about some stuff might be given to you if you log those 200,000 in these 26 days this year. Is that an actual challenge or …

Official visit

A certain men’s team has been talking to me about scheduling an official visit but I’m only a junior and I was under the impression that official visits are only allowed once senior year rolls around. Is this different for men’s teams or club teams? Any help is apreciated.

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Becoming disheartened because of height

I’ve been rowing since freshman year of highschool and am now on a very competitive university club team up north. I am also 5″10′ and weigh 165 pounds. My previous team down south had a coach that simply didn’t believe in steady state and other such workouts – my doubles …